Here are the dates for five cross plantings in  March:

  • On March 3, Friday we will plant a cross for SONIA ALVARADO SORIANO, born 3/6/82, whose remains were found in the Huachuca Mountains on 8/29/07.
  • On March 11, Saturday we will remember RAMON CONTRERAS RAMOS, age 36, whose remains were found in Texas Canyon on 7/16/16.
  • On March 18, Saturday we will remember RUBEN GONZALEZ MIRANDA, age 49, whose remains were found off of Geronimo Trail near Douglas on 7/3/02.
  • On March 24, Friday we will remember GABRIEL SANCHEZ VELASQUEZ, age 31, whose remains were found on Hwy. 80 at Milepost 388 on 1/16/14.
  • On March 28, Tuesday we will remember JUAN BAUTISTA CAMACHO PEREZ, age 29, whose remains were found off of Hwy. 82 and Milepost 51 on 5/10/14.

All are welcome to share in this experience of prayer and remembrance.  Please let me ( know if you will be attending the cross planting.  We will gather at the SSND home (1047 E. 10th St., Douglas) at 8:50am.