On MONDAY, October 24th, you are invited to remember HERIBERTO GARCIA PERFECTO, age 28, who was found the day he died on 6/24/21.  Heriberto was found near the San Pedro River in Palominas.  If you would like to participate, please meet at the Frontera de Cristo office at 826 E. 11th Street, Douglas at 9am.

On WEDNESDAY, November 2, you are invited to remember IRENY PEREZ ESCALANTE, AGE 23 who was found on 9/28/20, the day she died.  Ireny died near the Wal-Mart in Sierra Vista and her cross will be planted on the property of Saint Andrew Church.  We will meet at 9am at the SSND home at 1275 E. 15th Street.

If interested in participating, please contact Sister Judy Bourg, SSND at jbssnd@yahoo.com.  Gracias!