July 19, 2022 – Central Highway, near Douglas, AZ

Under the scorching July sun of the Sonoran desert, an incredibly committed group of young women and men, sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee and the Mennonite Mission Network, of Goshen, Indiana, gathered to remember and pray for a young man, close to their age, who perished near the homes of Douglas residents, because he had no water.

All we know is that KEVIN LOPEZ TORRES, age 20, died of hyperthermia on May 27, 2022, all alone, far from home and exhausted. We don’t know if Kevin knocked on doors asking for water and was refused, or if he had no strength to do even that.

We prayed that Kevin be at peace and that his mourning family has laid him to rest in their village. May God have mercy on our country and turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.