December 19, 2017 – Power plant on Hwy. 191, Dragoon, AZ

In January 2002, five men coming from Chichuahua, MX undertook a risky journey that led to their death in a railroad car filled with coal.    Two were brothers, GERARDO RUBEN JIMENEZ MARTINEZ, 29 years old, and GERARDO RAMON JIMENEZ MARTINEZ, 26 years old; the other three, WENCESLAO TORRES TORRES, 48 years old, RAFAEL ALBERTO PALMA SALAS, 37 years old and CARMELO MONARREZ RAMIREZ, 38 years old, were probably cousins or good friends.

As we approach the 16th anniversary of their deaths, we remember the families who still are suffering this inconsolable loss.  We ask our loving God to grant to Ruben, Ramon, Wenceslao, Rafael and Carmelo peace and joy in the next life.

(Article on the death of these men)

Jesus, as an infant you fled to Egypt with your mother Mary and Joseph.  You were a vulnerable family in a foreign land, looking for shelter and sustenance.  Help us to welcome those like you who cross our borders today.  Give us hearts of compassion, humane response, and laws that respect the dignity of all immigrants. Amen