August 7, 2017 – Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista

JOSE ANTONIO BECERRA TOLOZA, age 32, died in 2009 after walking many days in the Huachuca Mountains.  How sad and tragic that this young man’s dreams came to an end on the property of a US Army Fort where thousands of people live.

Today we read a poem written by Saulo Padilla, whose 19 year old nephew was killed as he rode atop the train (the “bestia”) as he traveled to the US/MX border.   We prayed for peace for Jose Antonio and Saulo’s nephew and consolation for their families.

We also prayed with Saulo that  God would “sow seeds of peace and justice in the hearts and minds of those who resist their journey”.

Litany of the Displaced

In the Migrant….Saulo Padilla prayer