April 14, 2017 – Douglas, AZ

Today, on Good Friday, we went out to the desert of Douglas, AZ to recall the death of NORA HUERTAS HERNANDEZ, age 19, who collapsed one mile after crossing the US/MX border.   Nora was found near a Douglas neighborhood, where neighbors called 911 to respond to her dire need.   She was taken to St. Mary’s hospital in Tucson where she did not survive the trauma her body had suffered from the extreme heat of an Arizona July.

Just as Jesus, also a migrant on this earth, suffered death to bring full life to us all, Nora suffered death because of her deep desire to bring a fuller life to her family.

In our group we were blessed with the presence of 5 young people serving the vulnerable population of Tucson  and with three young children and their caregiver who drove over from Bisbee to share in our prayer for Nora and her family.

Take a moment to read and reflect on this poem that Sister Pat shared with us today:

No one leaves Home