March 24, 2017 – Skeleton Canyon

Today we remembered a 31 year old man, GABRIEL SANCHEZ VELASQUEZ, who was shot and killed by a border patrol agent on January 14, 2014.   Gabriel left behind two children and a wife who miss him deeply.   May he rest in the peace of God and may his family have  consolation in their grief for his loss.

We were accompanied by three Green Valley Samaritans who shared this poem:


Do not think I have gone for good:

I am sudden winds through a wood;

rustling leaves is my delight:

believe in me and all is right.

Think of me at sunrise:

I am the laughter in your eyes;

Think of me as the sun goes down:

call my name; my spirit’s around.

Look to the western stars that shine:

one of those there will be mine.